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Professional Carpet Cleaning machine: EMV 201 Professional Carpet Cleaning machine: EMV 201

Professional Carpet cleaning machines

Carpet cleaning is all about altering surface tension in order to release soil, heat dramatically helps loosen surface tension where as cold does the opposite and tightens it.
The chemicals we use as professionals are major factor in altering surface tension but combining the chemical with a hot water rinse is unrivaled when it comes to hot water extraction.

All EMV’s are fitted as standard with a Texatherm bespoke 3000 watt, 316 stainless steel, duo circuit heating element for fast heating and reliability.

Experience super fast drying times, outstanding results and enjoy cleaning carpets & upholstery with our state of the art,  professional carpet cleaning machines.

Seeing Is Believing

The most advanced cleaning machine. Deep wet cleaning with all the benefits you would expect from a dry cleaning system.

ICC International cleaning solutions ICC International cleaning solutions

Blitzzz, carpet and upholstery spot remover and sanitizer

Professional ready to use spotters for removing difficult stains that will not be removed during the cleaning process. We have developed a range of advanced formulations with multipurpose applications that will deal with most stain problems.

Many of our spotters will be effective on many different stain types. With the vast range of different types of stains including water & oil-based, acidic, alkalie, mineral, dyes and organic to name just a few, our multipurpose advanced range of specialist spotters reduces the need to carry an excessive number of products.

Clean to the highest standards with our commercial carpet cleaning chemicals.

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